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Visiting Vietnam for the first time? 

As in any country your first visit is always a little confusing, and scary. Between the language barriers, differences in culture, wierd currency, etc… I want you to have the best trip possible. These tips are for the Ho Chi Minh City area.

Arriving at Tan Son Nhat (HCMC) Airport

Average time to get out of customs 1 -1 ½ hrs. Once out, please AVIOD all of the people really trying to be helpful getting you a ride into town. Either have your hotel pick you up of go to the domestic terminal and grab a car from the taxi stand. Also have your hotel information printed out to give to the driver. Average cost of taxi into d1 is 120,000 VND to 175,000 VND

Recommended taxi services:

  • VinaSun
    • vinasun taxi
  • Mai Linh
    • mai linh

Note: always remember the taxi number (usually 4 digits in and oval) Just in case you forget something in the cab.

Restaurants, street food, night life

Vietnam is full of wonderful food, you can have an inexpensive snack for a few cents or get a great ribeye steak for over a hundred dollars. Check out our recommendations page  we have a list of places that we frequent.

Scams & other thing to watch out for With any big city there will always be people trying to take advantage of you. Here are some things to watch out for.

jazz hands

Don’t say a word and no eye contact”

I know it might seem rude but unless you want then to stop bothering you use this method.

Ho Chi Minh City is relatively a small city 12km area (where you would most likely spend your time) Taxis, Xe om (motorbike taxi), cyclo (3 wheeled push bike), Buses. There are plenty of different fun methods of getting arounf in the city

Recommended: Apps

Don’t be fooled they are all knock offs, you should never pay more than 30,000 VND for a pair. (50,000 VND for polarized ones)

They usually work in the Bui Vien Back Packers, and bye the Saigon Square area. If you really need your shoes shined do it price 30k – 50k VND. Most of the time if they see that you’re an easy mark they will try to charge you anywhere from 500k and up (that $25 dollars)

JUST SAY NO or best to use “jazz hands” Method

Simple scam they try to be nice and say it’s a good photo opportunity but just say no, they will try to charge you 100K+ if not careful. Coconuts on the street should be 15K – 20k

Avoid at all cost unless you bought a tour and paid up front. Don’t forget to tip they do work really hard.

Getting Sim cards for calls and data, We would highly recommend getting a prepaid sim to keep in contact with others. You must bring your passport to signup and get sim card.

We also Provide pocket wifi Rentals, one unit can connect multiple units. Click here to find out more

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